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Capturing the Globe


Isabela | Capturing the Globe

April 2019 | Ecuador

It is the most laid-back island and by far our favorite because of its breathtaking views and its cute inhabitants that can only be spotted here.

Las Tintoreras | Capturing the Globe

April 2019 | Ecuador

The rocky lava formation with many hidden underwater channels is the most fascinating day trip on the Galapagos Islands. Here is why.

Los Tuneles | Capturing the Globe

April 2019 | Ecuador

Have you always wanted to snorkel between unique lava tunnels and arches filled with crystal clear water that is home to penguins, sea turtles and sea lions?

Sierra Negra | Capturing the Globe

April 2019 | Ecuador

Have you ever considered climbing an active volcano? We did just that on Isabela which was an incredible journey and most certainly a unique experience.

Wetlands | Capturing the Globe

April 2019 | Ecuador

Would you like to get a panoramic view of Isabela and explore the famous Wall of Tears? Along the way, you might come across a few giant tortoises on the side of the trail.

Punta Vicente Roca | Capturing the Globe

April 2019 | Ecuador

Are you looking for a secluded snorkeling spot that is home to abundant wildlife like penguins, sea turtles, sea lions, sharks, Nazca boobies and flightless cormorants. Here it is.

Flight | Capturing the Globe

April 2019 | Ecuador

You want to explore many Galapagos Islands but don't want to get see sick along the way? There is an alternative with breathtaking views that you should know about.

Contact | Capturing the Globe

Hi there, 


my name is Anne. I love exploring new countries, their people and their (vegan) food and I always have my camera with me to capture these moments. Whenever I look at the photos, they take me back to distant places and awaken incredible memories - and wanderlust. 


For some time now I wanted to create my own travel and photography blog to share my travel experiences, vegan food guides and photography tips with you. I want to take you off the beaten path - but not too far - to my favorite places. I hope this blog serves as inspiration and offers some practical tips. 


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