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March 2020 | Mexico

On the Yucatan Peninsula, you can experience the rich history, relax on a beautiful beach, swim in an incredible cenote, walk among ancient ruins and hike through the jungle.


March 2020 | Mexico

In the vibrant city of Oaxaca with its colorful colonial architecture, you can enjoy delicious food, discover ancient ruins like Monte Alban or unique landscapes like Hierve El Agua.


March 2020 | Mexico

Are you looking for the perfect day trip from Tulum with great white sandy beaches, impressive wildlife and beautiful jungle. Then explore Sian Ka'an!


March 2020 | Mexico

It consists of two stunning petrified waterfalls that are the result of calcium-rich springs and man-made infinity pools. Be sure to put on your hiking shoes to experience all of its beauty.


March 2020 | Mexico

Are you looking for a little hiking adventure where you can experience Mexico in completely different way. Just pack a warm jacket as it actually gets cold up there.

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