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Travel Guide to the Yucatan Peninsula

March 2020

On the Yucatan Peninsula, you can experience the rich history, relax on a beautiful beach, swim in an incredible cenote, walk among ancient ruins and hike through the jungle.


time zone / Valladolid (toll) / 2 hours / Merida (toll) / xx hours / Tulum 1,5 hours (no toll)

good streets, possible to rent a car and drive on your own

most beautiful city in our opinion Valladolid / great vegan food / ice cream / 

Tulum hipster city with great food, lots of tourists, Sian Kaan national park was my favorite / you can do tours or go there on your own / 

flights to Merida / Cancun

some highlights in south but it takes a long time to go there, therefore we decided not to go there

spent 3 nights in Valladolid - temple, cenote

spent 3 nights near Merida (but went to the city only once)

spent 3 nights in Tulum - cenote, beach, sian Kaan

highlights - temple, cenote

lots of tourist, way more than in Oaxaca City, but you find places where it isn't too crowded

cenote - mysterious underwater channels (actually, they all belong together), there are some that you can dive in and some where you swim / some tours are offered, usually you have to pay (some are free), but some are not accessible (since there is no letter etc.). there are thousands of cenotes on Yucatan. 

Things that seemed nice but we didn't do:

- islands (above, right)

- Turtles

- temple in forest




Time zone Yucatan / Cancun

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