Swimming in Wadi Bani Khalid

January 2020


​It is one of the most famous Wadis with crystal clear water and a small waterfall surrounded by impressive rock formations. You can hike a bit first or jump into the water right away.

How to get there?

nice drive / great views of mountain / Google Maps points you in right direction / there is a restaurant / respect their culture / not just usual swim wear / changing rooms / make sure you get out of the water as soon as it starts raining because this can be very dangerous

Hiking around the canyon


Text / there is a cave

Jumping into the water

swimming / rope / refreshing water






Parking lot at Wadi Bani Khalid

Duration & Distance

At least 1 hours



xx xx ferry


Hiking shoes

Water shoes

Swim suit

Sun screen


Water and snacks

Underwater camera


Avoid weekend as it gets crowded.

Leave valuable belongings at your hotel. You can't really have an eye on them while you are in the water.